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Originally Posted by Smoker
How long do cooked ribs last in the fridge before u r afraid to eat them?
Smoker, the food police would say to throw them away before you cook them, just to be safe.

Seriously, though: It somewhat depends on your fridge. Smoked ribs cooked to the temps we usually do, in a smoky environment, are good to store in a standard home fridge for at least a week, probably two. If you have a modern fridge, with a good meat drawer, you may go a little longer. My Kithenaid meat drawer is set to maintain 33 degrees constant. I am apt to eat something like ribs that have been in there for three weeks or better.
I really think that the issue is whether they are still edible from the taste and texture standpoint, as opposed to the food safty standpoint. About 10 days does it for me on that criteria.
Of course, this is based on a good, strong fridge. If you have an older unit, it may not perform as well.
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