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Default cow's head on a UDS.....

I was shopping at my local H-E-B and as I passed by the meat section, I saw the fresh cow heads. The warden loves barbacoa (as she grew up eating barbacoa every Sunday) and she has been asking me to try and make the whole head but since I have never tried to cook one I have been hesitant until today. The head weighed 18 pounds and everything was still attached...and I mean EVERYTHING....the eye balls, brains, cheeks, and even the farking teeth are still there. I have eaten all the parts of the cow head and they are DELICIOUS with corn tortillas and homemade salsa but I have never cooked an entire head at once. Warden took pics while I seasoned it up with texasbbqrub and a little extra salt and pepper. I loaded the UDS with a 13lb bag of kingsford and connected the iQue set at 225. I wanted to put it on earlier but got called into work so it just went on at 2:00 am. Not sure how long I need to leave it on so any input would be greatly appreciated..I will post an update with pics later on in the day....



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