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Originally Posted by TTNuge View Post
Could you give us a few highlights of what your software has that StokerLog doesn't? I like the profiles you have for saving/loading different cook profiles but I'm also not sure if I would like to give up the Twitter capability.

I'll definitely be giving it a shot though
I don't run StokerLog so I am not sure of all the differences, but some of the highlights are:

1. Runs on OSs other than Windows. I use Linux, but it also runs on Macs.

2. Allows creation of custom graphs. If you are using your Stoker to control multiple pits, you can create a separate graph for each pit.

3. Provides both chart and dial graphs. There are times when I do not want to watch the historical information that the chart gives and I just want to see the current temperature.

4. Provides support for timers. When I am cooking ribs, I cook by time, not by temperature. With the timer support, I can set the timers for the cook at the beginning. For example, I can set a timer at 3 hours to remind me to foil the ribs, at 5 hours to unwrap the ribs, and at 6 hours to eat the ribs.

5. Allows the addition of annotations to the graph.

6. Allows you to zoom in on a section of the graph to better see what happened.

I am not sure if StokerLog adds any additional support for Twitter, but since Twitter is supported directly by the Stoker device, no matter what program you use to control it, you will not have to give up the Twitter interface. I have never used Twitter, but from reading the Stoker documentation it appears that the Twitter support involves sending messages to your Twitter account with temperature updates. This is what StokerConsole does with its email support. For example, I send emails to my phone to let me know how the temperature progresses. If the Twitter support is something beyond this, please let me know.
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