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Originally Posted by chico4missions View Post
I've seen quite a few baskets (Klose) like this out there & thought it'd be cool to add that mod to mine. Had some scrap metal laying around at work & was able to use the plasma cutter to cut the lengths down to 9". My basket is 12" x 12" x 12".

I'll probably add slots in my basket for them to sit in so I can add & remove at will. As of now they're just sitting pretty for the pic Regular "old school" minion method works great for me but I'm definitely curious to see the results.

LOW & SLOW BABY! Thanks for all the info on this thread fellow drumheads!
hey.. so that design is great because it essentially gives you a sort of clock. So if you light the coals just on one of the ends, it'll burn slowly and "move" through your maze. You can then put wood chunks along the way to have it smoke up at different times.
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