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Here's the Char-griller all put together. First observations, like others have written, the quality of this is pretty high given the price point. Putting it together was pretty much a breeze, though I did tighten the parts already put together - a few of the bolts were not all the way tight. I do have a bit of play in the bottom fire door and looking at it live confirmed my suspicion from the pics post here the "markings" on the slide were slots cut in the metal with the possibility of a little air leakage around them. I think the whole bottom vent assembly would benefit from some high temp sealant. I love the "hover grill" design, that is really brilliant and adds some extra space, especially for smoking. Wouldn't mind having the "smoking stone", but I think I can pick up dog dish at Walmart that will be the right size and serve as both a heat displacer and drip pan - and they are super cheap. Have it burning in now while I have a brisket flat smoking on my Weber/Smokenator.

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