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Originally Posted by Bamabuzzard View Post
I know personal preference plays into this but I actually prefer to smoke my ribs a day or two before I eat them and let them sit in the frig. I've eaten ribs straight off the smoker and ribs that are a day or two in the frig. And TO ME it seems the ribs that have had time to sit and let the seasonings settle taste the best to me. But that's just me.
I couldn't agree more, and I learned it eating leftovers. If I'm cooking for friends and want the absolute best I can do, I purposefully cook 2-3 days in advance. After cooling I slice individually, sauce, and throw in the fridge. Exactly like spaghetti sauce or soup - the flavor gets better over time. 3 days seems best, then if they get older the taste starts to drop off. The texture even seems to get better - a little more tender and slides off the bone easier. I've not got anything but high compliments from doing this. The time I had my boss over for dinner my wife identifies as the best ribs she ever ate.
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