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I purchased one of the earlier for US models. Had to correct the wiring. It works great now. The vendor/maker knows about the issue and has likely has corrected the problem. I may of been the first 120VAC customer. Very accurate and control my electric smoker. Heat sinking by the aluminium housing is adequate for a 13A load, surface temperature was about 130F. I would not try 19A without additional heat sinking or cooling fan. I think the danger zone for the SSR is 150F. Needed to bag the controller from the bright sunlight to read the LED display. This will be an issue with all LED controllers. When the controller comes out with LCD instead of the LED, I might buy another one.

Best to warn up the smoker plugged directly, put on the meat, program the controller indoors, then attach the controller. Current use the controller to smoke at 220F until the meat get to "done" for pasteurization at 130-140F for beef or 150F-160F for pork and chicken. In programming the unit, after the meat reaches temperature, best not to be too restrictive on the set points for the "oven temperature" -- just let the control's PID figure out the final oven set points. Best $ value of all the 2-probe PID that I've seen. Other 2 probe sell for $200 to $300. His price plus shipping is the best. It would be hard to DIY at that price.

His insulated charcoal oven and grease diverting grill look interesting. Would look into them more it I don't need to pay for overseas postage. Will wait until he gets a US distributor.
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