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I'm not sure I'm happy with the fact that a Board director and his assistant win or place in every cook-off I've ever been in for the last 5 years. They are also head judges. On the Board of Directors, competing and judging. Pick one and be the best you can at it but doing all three? That's just sending the wrong message. There are a LOT of people in our organization that are unhappy with the fairness of the competitions. So much in fact, that I joined KCBS and another society this week. There is something very blatant and very consistent that the same 3 or four people are walking every time. Nobody is that good that they win at every cookoff they get in. Especially when there is 75 to 100 teams. The "perception" is that it's at both tables. I also don't like the fact that team members can act as judges. There is waaaay too much room for impropriety there and at a minimum, it breeds distrust among the competitors.

I'm not trying to be negative but if someone or several someones want to be unethical, they will find a way, blind juding or not.

By the way,
Who sets the standard for what the judges want? Who makes the decision on tenderness, flavor, smoke ring width, sauce/no sauce? The reason I ask? I was at a cook-off a while back and I had the BBQ association Director, who was competing against me that day, walk up and compliment my ribs while I was boxing them for turn in. He said, "Wow! Those look great son! You know what I would do? I would move the top 4 ribs back from the other 5 about a half inch. That way, the judges can count them easier when they hit the table." I got disqualified for a marked box. Nice!

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