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Originally Posted by Huckster View Post
Hey all,

I have read this entire thread over the past 10 days.

I have gotten a barrel with no liner. The place I got it from said it had food grade mineral oil in they used for making veterinary meds. There is an oil residue in the barrel. Do you think all I need to do is scrub it down with a good soap or is a barrel burning needed? I hate to ruin the existing paint as it is in perfect shape.

If I do have to burn and repaint this barrel, what is the consenses on paint? I have read most use heat rated paint. I have never used this. Do you have to wait a week to let it cure? Is regular rustoleum good enough for temps under 500F?
IMHO I'd just go for a thorough good washing a couple of times and give it a good scrub with hot soapy water, then a good rinse out and then season well and save the paint job intact, if you do decide to do a burn and repaint with Rustoleum give it a low temp heat up within the first 12 hours to cure it properly with a small charcoal fire in it for an hour or two after spraying, you can cure it properly that way and not have to leave it a week which isn't the correct way to cold cure these enamel coatings. Just make sure you wear some breathing/eye protection if you spray it. Your never going to reach anywere near high enough temperatures to damage your existing paint job anyway so if I were you I'd just wash it out and save yourself some unnecessary $,time and effort. Also, Plenty of us use standard spray paints anyway and that's fine too and cheaper :-) High temp enamel paints for BBQ/Engines gives a nice finish but not essential on a low n slow UDS.

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