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I've had fresh caught (by me) salmon and steelhead, in the peak of the season, early in the run, that tasted fishy. The truth is that the fishy taste is in the fat and the fatter the fish the stronger it tastes (Although chinook salmon will taste fishier than coho and coho stronger than steelhead.)

We used to fillet all our steelhead and slamon and cut all traces of the "black" (dark greyish pink) fat off the nearly flourescent orange meat. A great deal of it will accumulate in the and around the "lateral line"--the indentation that runs down the length of the fish (said to be essential for the fish's balance). Once the fat is cut away (and be sure to dicard the fatty belly area too), the fish will not taste fishy at all...guaranteed.

Now if I'm grilling a salmon on cedar or alder, I try to keep the skin side down on the theory that the fats will run out of the fish and not into the flesh. Frankly, no fish short of halibut moves me enough for it to be a menu item of choice but if I were to do salmon or steelhead, my druthers would be to fillet it, cut the fat off, roll it in breadcrumbs and pan fry it in a bit of oil and butter. Serve with lemon wedges. Hmmm-mmmh! Actually, just thinking about it makes me kind of hanker for it.
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