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Originally Posted by El Ropo View Post
Be sure to pack the lump tightly, so there is very little air space between pieces. Pack the wood chunks within the lump in the same manner, like jigsaw puzzle. Start with fewer fully lit coals, maybe 8-10. Control oxy with the intake, you might have to close a single intake down to 1/4, but unless there are other oxy leaks, this should work well.

I've never had issues controlling temps with lump in a UDS. The only explanation I can think of is I cooked a freaking lot of food in mine last summer, and it was sealed up like a freaking tank. No air leaks anywhere because of all the BBQ goo built up everywhere.

Right now, I have to put the UDS in the sun just to get the lid off, because all the BBQ gunk is keeping lid from releasing from drum. It's freaking tight!
Thanks. I did only have about 10 pieces of lit lump to start with, but you're right, it wasn't packed. I just poured a bunch in with a couple chunks of apple. Unfortunately, I was out of briqs. I'm going to stick with briqs and maybe use lit lump to get the minion method going faster.
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