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He's having a big hammer, small job issue. He was starting off way too hot because of the wrong temp readings. He left the inlets open for 2-3 hours, if i did this my UDS would have been 450° and my coals would have been almost gone. Now that he sees the real temps, he'll get it next time.

Just remember, slow the heat down about 25-50° before your cooking temp. I Like 260-270° others like 225° just what ever it is, inch up to it instead of blasting up to it. Remember using a big hammer for a lttle job is bad, get the right sized hammer for the job...

I do not use a difuser and I get low temps. around 250-275° anytime I want them for hours on end. You just need a little fire control and you need to know "the process to get your drum setup correctly". It may be what some consider direct cooking. I have about 14" of space between my lower rack and my coal basket top if filled all the way to the top. I consider direct cooking to be closer than 14" more like 3 or 4". If this is not the case all cooking in a Weber would be direct because you can"t get the food 14" away from the fire any where on a Weber grill.

As I have said multiple times, I cook Pork butts (2) at a time weighing anywhere from 8-18lbs each and I also cook (2) briskets at the same time also weight from 8-18lbs most cooks last more than 10 hours and use about 8lbs of coals with a 10" long by about 5" dia log for smoke. I usually can pull a brisket from the upper grates about 2 hours before I pull the butts from the lower grate. It never burns them, I do get nice bark, great flavor and fantastic smoke penetration....

I've done turkeys, chickens, fatties, baked beans, baked potatos, shrimp, chicken wings, I have even open the top and used "S' hook to hang the coal basket under the top grate and do steaks @ 500° grill tmep on my UDS. It's all about the fire control and your setup....
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