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Ok, the final update, I had two problems that were keeping me from succeeding. First, the thermometer was reading wrong due to its location close to the sides. Once I used a digital thermometer I was able to get an accurate temp. the second problem was that my lid was leaking air. I was unable to drop my temperature due to this. So what I did, was I wet some shop rags (unused and clean) and lined the rim of the barrel with them. Then I placed the lid on. Now the lid was air-tight. I was able to control the temp easily with my ball valve at the bottom. about 1/3 open was all it took to keep the temp right at 240. So... Next time I cook I'll have to stick to this new plan. I may try the foil gasket idea, but It just seems like it would be difficult to keep in place. Maybe you all can shed some light of experience on how that went for you. By the way, the corn and potatos turned out just perfectly. At least something edible came out of my day's experience. And actually it gave me a good idea of cooking things other than just meat. I could put a lot of baking potatos and corn on a coupld of racks if I had a party. Maybe even place them around another butt, if I dare. Anyways, thanks guys. I really appreciate this forum and your readiness to help. Happy BBQ-ing. I'll post my next trial. :)
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