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Originally Posted by razrbakcrzy View Post
If you really want to use the side therm. you need a third grate about 2" above the coal basket. then set a 16" pizza pan on it. Then your heat will get deflected towards the outside of the barrel more. I use several digital therms. (3) I got from Bed, Bath and Beyond, (2 or 3) from Wal Mart and Target and I am going to buy atleast (1) from Ikea just to try it out...

most tend to use the maverick brands and a thermopen for probing for tender ness and temping...
Or split the difference.......and use a perforated pizza pan so some heat goes through the middle and some around the perimeter of the pan for more even heating from the center of the cooking grill to the perimeter.

My advice, don't JB Weld the pipe fittings......ditch the pipe fittings and convert to magnets covering your inlet holes. That's what I did. The magnets are always stuck to the barrel so you don't lose them. When you take the caps off the pipe, you have to worry about misplacing them. More difficult to remove the pipe after you use JB Weld on them <smile>.
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