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great remarks guys! I'm giving it a dry run right now. I placed the digital thermometer on the center grate and started her up again. (and I have been using the menion method, just at light speed I guess). Guess what my digi thermometer read? yep... 300 and climbing. Guess what my other thermometer read? Yep.. 160. I guess I must have cooked that butt somewhere around 450 F. Anyway, I'm working the temp down now to see what vents need to be open. to maintain a easy 225. So now the question is... should I just use a digi thermometer every time? I kind of liked the idea of the one in the side. But it doens'tseem to work for me. I tested the thermometer in a glass of water and it was correct, so... it must be too close to the side then, as mentioned above. What are you guys using?
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