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Angry My UDS and I are complete failures!!!

Ok, guys, I'm just about ready to blow this damn thing up! I have made alterations. and fixes and all types of crap and I can't I'm ready to go all Donald duck on the thing. I made a new fire basket, I checked my thermometer and all is correct. So I wanted to cook a 6lb pork butt to do pulled pork. I put in 8 lbs of lump charcoal with some hickory. placed it in the uds at 8:30. I watched it for an hour to make sure that the temp was constant at 240-250 F. 2 and a half vents were open. I had to run to work for a few hours and so my wife calls me at 1240pm and says that the temp dropped to 200F. I rush home and discover it at 175F , almost all of my charcoal is gone, and I have a vaporized butt! I had set some neck bones in there and some jalapenos to see what happened to them too and they were nothing but black crispy char all the way through. What the hell happened!! Did it magically explode into flame when I wasn't looking??? I've almost had it guys... please give me some much needed advice quick.
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