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Default Building my first UDS

Thanks to the knowledge I've gained from the UDS MEGA thread, I've decided to build my first UDS.

By Saturday, I'll have a new open-head drum, top w/ 2" and 3/4" bungs. Rust inhibitor coating which should be easy to get out.

My construction plans are:

3 - 3/4" close pipe nipples 2" from bottom of drum secured using conduit nuts
2 - caps
1 - ball valve

Charcoal basket
16" charcoal grate
8" tall expanded metal
16" pizza pan as ash catcher
grate sitting 3" from base of drum

Rack hardware
3 stainless u-bolts per rack
Weber 22.5" cooking grates

First rack
sitting 8" above top of charcoal basket (16" from charcoal grate)
will only be used to hold 16" terra cotta pot saucer wrapped in aluminum foil

Second rack - Food
Second rack sitting 6" above first rack (22" from charcoal grate)
Gives approximately 8" of food "headspace" between rack and bottom of drum lid

6-8" long 2" diameter exhaust, screwed into drum bung. 90deg elbow for rain protection.

Probably going to mount a large strap hinge to drum and lid to hinge the lid. Planning to use a little high-temp (600F) silicon around each screw to ensure it's as air tight as possible.

Also going to construct a cart with casters for mobility/accessories.

The nice thing is my next-door neighbor has become a BBQ nut since I moved up here, and he's a plumber so I won't be spending much on any pipe fittings. He's also a bit of Fred Sanford, so the casters and parts for the cart are free too.

I'm planning on using a diffuser, because I like how the pork butts I cook now turn out on my Masterbuilt 7 in 1 Vertical Water Smoker using a propane fuel source and large lump hickory. I just don't like all the almost constant effort I have to go through to try to regulate temperature for 14-16 hours.

Comments? Suggestions? Any major mistakes I'm making?

pics and food pron to come as I progress.

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