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Originally Posted by tpenick View Post
What did you use for the decals? Anything special to hold up to the heat?
Nothing special, just normal magnetic decals. So far I am really surprised as to how little heat transfers to the outside of the barrel. When I was at 250-275 degrees, the outside of the UDS was warm but not hot, even down by the coal basket. I have to add that it has been windy during my test runs, so maybe that kept the outside cooler, but so far no problems. I would think it would be the hottest by the fire box, but the magnets I use to cover the air inlets are perfectly fine. We'll see on a 90 degree day with no wind.

I just recieve the rest of my "bling" for it last night. It should be 100% completed by tonight. One thing I may also consider is a diffuser, but I'll make a decision on that soon.
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