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Ummm...Hi, I guess. My name is Chris, and I have put Big Butz BBQ Sauce on many unusual things, but that doesn't make me an "addict", does it?

I guess it all started a couple years ago when I got my first order. I was just experimenting then, trying it along with other sauces.

Anyway, I just dipped a butter knife into it in order to try it. Then I kept dipping some more. I upgraded to a spoon and kept enjoying it! I kept telling myself I needed to slow down so I could have some left to try and BBQ with, but it was SO GOOD!

Finally, once I regained my senses, I sent a message to Tom confessing what I had done, and how I had found his sauce so utterly enjoyable, yet I had not even tried it on BBQ yet. I think I was secretly hoping to get a free replacement jar (yeah, I was desparate).

Tom replied saying he understood and he does it all the time too! He said his favorite thing to do with his sauce was to dip potato chips into it! Why didn't I think of that??? I immediately opened a bag of potato chips and found that he was right, they were fantastical with potato chips!

Eventually, I did step up and start saucing my BBQ with it as well, and found that it was every bit as good as I could have imagined.

Looking back, I guess I may have gone a "little" over the top with it a few times. Like maybe that time I drizzled it all over the Pecan Pig (aka Pecan Pie Fatty).

I'm not ashamed. I'm not even sure why I'm here to be honest. It's not like I'm a bad person, and it's certainly not the sauces fault.

It's just so good...
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