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Originally Posted by Dr. Endo View Post
Hi guys, I'm new to the smoking world, but very motivated. I just finished making a UDS. I think it looks pretty good. I'm using a Weber lid because I couldn't find a barrel with a lid. It was a half inch small so I bent the flange out so that I could fit it to the barrel better. It still leaks a little but since I can control the flow with the vent control on the lid I didn't think that it would be much of a problem. I have smoked a couple of items so far with reasonable success. My problem lies in temperature control and more specifically initial temperature rise. I have only been smoking things for about 4-5 hours. To do this I put aprox. 5 lbs lump charcoal in with 3 fist sized pieces of hickory. It takes an hour just to get to 220 with three 3/4 inch vents open and my ball valve completely open. Then to maintain the temperature I leave the three vents completely open. I'm going to try and smoke a butt for 12-14 hours this weekend using 8.5-9 lbs lump charcoal. I don't think that it's going to make it. On other peoples blogs I read that they get the temp up pretty fast and then close off most of the air vents to bring it down and slowly cook that way. What am I doing differently? Any advice or mods that you all could suggest?
My head started hurting after the first 2 lines. Ever heard of composition? Sentences and paragraphs (including proper use of commas and periods)

Sorry to sound like a grammar snob, but someone around here has to be the ahole. Please, we can't read that stuff. Break it down.

Sorry to the mods If I'm making trouble, but.... OK I'm done ranting.
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