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I was in the exact position you are last year. Grill Kings was our first contest. We had a blast. It looks like most of your questions were answered. All I can add is go to the event with your expectations set properly. Expect to have alot of fun, expect to learn alot, expect to meet alot of great people and lastly, expect this to become addicting. Last year we set the following goals for ourself for the competition:

1. We meet all the turn in times
2. We don't get disqualified.
3. We have lots of fun
4. We don't come in dead last
5. Nobody dies from our Q

I think we came in 20th overall with a 6th in brisket (our ribs sucked badly and really dragged our overall down alot). We met all of our goals and surprised ourselves. We got to meet Bobby from Big Island BBQ, the whole Philly Pigs Crew, the Crew at Daisy Mays and many more great people. I was going to introduce myself to Phil and the Brethren but they looked like they their hands full. We hope to meet alot more people this year. Overall, it was the best weekend we had the whole summer and can't wait to cook multiple contests this year. We are still keeping our expectations low because we have much to learn and we never loose site of the fact that this is a hobby that we do to enjoy ourselves. If by the grace of God we get lucky and win a ribbon or trophy there will be nobody more surprised than us. We hope somewhere along the line to go to a BBQ cooking class. If you want any other info from a new teams perspective just PM me. There are alot a great BBQ chefs here on the forum. I have learned alot and you will too.
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