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i have a couple of points to make but take into consideration that i have never been in a competition so if i go astray of what is right in the competition world please let me know.
as far as i know there are no KCBS rules against Phil's actions. in a gentlemans game all participants agree to the rules before entering and show trust in the integrity of the other participants actions throughout.
people need to know more about the bbq brethren! as far as i can see we are not exclusive. i dont see the reason for people to suspect a non exclusive group of cheating. in fact if a team really wanted to cheat couldn't they just work with a judge behind the scenes, and then just enter a competition simultaniously. also if folks knew that the brethren was a nationwide group whose members somewhat rarely get a chance to get together it might look suspicious if we don't hang out.
now if we did make a standard of conduct above and beyond the rules as a courtesy to other contestants and as not to draw uneeded suspicion to ourselves this would not be such a bad thing as any evolving group sometimes needs to govern itself.
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