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Default Some general contest questions for a rookie team

My teammates and I began the initial planning for our first year of competition in 2006 and some general questions came up as we begin preparing. We're going to start with NY Grill Kings contest as it's closest to home for our first contest.

1) Is there a standard site size for most contests ? In re-reading Sawdustguy's question/post a few weeks back on canopy recommendations, it was helpful but did not know if there is a standard space allowance. Our consensus is to ensure we get something that goes up somewhat easily and does not take up a ton a space when traveling. We'll go with a 10 x10 or 10 x20.

2) What source of lights are some of the teams using in the evening hours if you don't have a trailer set up ? Are you using generator power ? Lanterns ? Flashlights ? or do the majority of contests provide electricity ? For the guys on Long Island- what did Grill Kings provide last year ?

3) Water - what's the general availability of water to clean and prep with at most contests? For the guys on Long Island- what did Grill Kings provide last year ?

4) Do most teams show up on Friday night just for the comraderie and more time to get settled rather than very early on Sat ? Do some teams show up that morning on Sat ? I just want to be able to ensure one of my team members can commit to a full weekend if we go outside of NY somewhere down the road for a competition.

P.S. - We definitely do plan to go see a contest in action prior to out first contest to see whats going on. Watching on the Food Network and reading online is great but we agree we need to see the real deal in person.

I have some more questions but I think these were some of the biggest questions for now.

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