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I generally keep 2-3 vents open on mine. My vents are 3/4" nipples, so perhaps that is the reason.

Dr. Endo,

It sounds like you've got a handle on it, but if you have good airflow around your basket, your drum is sealed, and your basket is large enough, you should be able to go 14-24 hours with a UDS at a very steady temp (225-250 in my case). I have, however, had better luck with certain fuels. For long burns, I have had the best results with a good charcoal. Now I haven't tried all the brands, but the Kingsford competition briquettes seem to give me very stable temps, little ash, and burn forever. My experience has been that lump, as much as I like it, is not as consistent.

Like N8man said in his tutorial, there is no wasted fuel in a UDS (as long as it is sealed), so load that thing up. I'll put 20 lbs in mine, just shut it off when done.... burn the rest next time.
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