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Default What have they got to hide?

From the KCBS board of director's minutes:

MOTION: Candy Weaver - I move that the Accuconference recording of closed session meetings be discontinued and all past recordings of all KCBS meetings be discarded.

MOTION: Candy Weaver - Further, I moved that all future AccuConference recording of board meetings made be eliminated after the completion and posting of the MP3 recording of the meeting on Motions tabled until next month.

MOTION - Steve Farrin: I move that any and all BOD members that desire access to the AccuConference recordings of past meetings be given access. Seconded by George Mullins, a roll call vote was requested. The vote was as follows:

(5) Ayes: Arlie Bragg, Dave Compton, George Mullins, Steve Farrin, Jeff Stith
(6) Noes: Mike Budai, Randy Bigler, Tana Shupe, Mark Simmons, Paul Kirk, Candy Weaver
(1) Abstained: Mike Lake

With 5 ayes, 6 noes, and one abstaining, the motion failed.

What's in those recordings of closed sessions that is so incriminating that the board not only wants to destroy them but also prevent the new board members from even listening to them?
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