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Default You might consider...

You might consider cooking the smaller briskets at a lower temp (say 200) for a longer period of time. That way, the connective tissue would still have time to break down without burning up or drying out the brisket. Just a thought.

Originally Posted by Greg60525 View Post
I cut a 6.7 lb brisket flat in half to do an injection/rub comparison. So, if your going by time per pound I figured about 4 - 5 hours. I foiled the brisket with some of the leftover injection at ~ 170F and cooked for about another hour ending with the temp at 206F. The pit temp was 250F. The main goal was a flavor comparison. When I was done I was able to make my judgement on taste, but the tenderness, although good for sandwiches, was not competition quality tender. I was pressed for time and wasn't overly concerned about it, but I want to check my understanding of what has occurred.

So, here's my understanding.........please correct, comment, etc..

Although a smaller brisket will come up to temperature quicker than a larger one, that is not the whole story. It is a time/temperature relationship because it's the connective tissue that has to break down to make the brisket tender. The internal temp of 206F is quite a bit higher than I take the 10 pounders, but it reached it so much quicker, which makes sense due to its small size. To me it would seem that it would take the connective tissue the same amount of time to break down in a small brisket as it does in a large brisket and the only difference in the total cook time is the time it takes the internal temp to get to a predifined temp. The larger one taking longer.

I think this makes sense. What do you think?

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