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Default Ned help making a St. Louis cut on Spares


Need some help.... We're planning on making three racks of spares on Sunday.
We usually use babys so our handling technique is limited on spares...

I've seen pictures of what the St. Louis style looks like and know what it should look like but I still think I'm going to screw it up. In all the books I've read describing the technique, and seeing some diagrams, it never fully explain exactly where to made the cuts. I don't want to end up cutting off too much from the top. I know the skirt meat comes off, but not sure how low to go...(Am I cutting across at a certain spot on the bone starting from the wider end of the rack ? Or am I cutting above bone?)...

If anyone has an easy but slightly detailed way of explaining or can show some up close pics (before and after) , I'd be very appreciative.
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