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Originally Posted by BoneDaddy's View Post
If the new WiFi Stoker has WiFi, why would my iphone not see that as a network? I could connect directly to that signal, just like it was any other wifi.

Am I off?

I think you are misunderstanding the difference between a device having WiFi and a network with WiFi. WiFi means that the device can communicate over the air to a network access point. If your device is not a network access point and the device you want to talk to is not a network access point, they can not talk to each other unless they both find a network access point to talk to. if you have a router at home with WiFi, that is a network access point for WiFi. (And it's also one for wired access.) With the rounter in place, your phone talks to the router and your WiFi Stoker talks to the router and the router passes the conversations between the two.

Now, some phones have that fancy "hot spot" technology built into them. In this case, when you turn the hot spot on, your phone is now a network access point and if you configure your WiFi stoker to get it's IP information from the hot spot, then they two can talk with each other without a router.

After all that, here's the answer to your question: The WiFi Stoker is not a network access point, so your phone will not see it as a network.

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