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Originally Posted by Smoke Ring View Post
KCBS used to track proclamations and send AR and Jack organizers a report listing all the qualifying contests and the GCs.
KCBS no longer serves its members.
Garry, I certainly respect your opinion but I think that as it pertains to tracking of proclamations and Grand Championships, I think your closing comment is awfully broad. Here's why...

Not every Head Cook that has ever won a KCBS sanctioned contest is also a KCBS Member. Many of us are but not all of us. Should KCBS "serve its members" by only reporting the GCs of paying members? That would certainly be a fair and reasonable thing to do and I wouldn't mind if KCBS took that position and marketed it as a Members Only benefit. It seems to me that we paying Members have been subsidizing this "benefit" for a lot of Non-Members over the years.

Look, I know this is splitting hairs but at what point does KCBS decide to take care of those of us who do pay dues and let those who do not fend for themselves? If they are going to report for all GCs, why not include all teams in the ToY race? Same logic if you ask me. Being in ToY is a benefit of Membership.
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