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As a spectator in Key Largo (and taster of some great food) I would have to say that if we go on pure perception and left out common sense then we do not have a lot of faith in the “Integrity” of the judges. I saw a group of people who did what they do for several reasons from Money to Prestige and deserve the ability to compete in a fair competition. If the judges are suspect then the problem is bigger than a first time judge catching crap for hanging with friends. I saw the same person delivering food to many non-Brethren competitors he could have just passed out the Exlax and been done with the competition it would have been a lot easer than rigging a vote. We cannot let the cheats and liars of the world win because those with integrity give up their rights just to appease a perception to those who are less than ethical may see a problem.

I am new to competitive BBQ and learned a lot from the Brethren and non-Brethren alike every one I talked with was amazingly friendly and willing to spend a few minutes of their time to talk BBQ. To meet Jimmie, Doug, Ray, Tim and many others was a great experience for me and I will spend a lot of time learning what I learned ( I know that sounds weird but I guess it is overload?) The biggest lesson I learned is all the competitors put their heart into the cooking and completion and I do not think one of them would cheat if they could.

All rambling aside if it is prohibited do not do it if it is not let integrity rule common sense tells me that at least in regions the competitors will soon know each other and will police themselves so the perceptions will not matter.

Neewbe watching and learning THANKS TO ALL WHO PUT UP WITH ME!
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