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Originally Posted by va92bronco View Post
Did you figure out why the smoker looked semi- flat rather than gloss?
Yes the company we purchased the paint from had incorrect color chart sheets on their website that did not match the datasheets. The lower temp paints were available in gloss, not the high temp one (1500 degree) we selected. They also didn't offer to send us any paint to correct this either but did correct their website shortly after that. A little disappointing exerperience but that water under the bridge at this point.

I am doubtful we will need this high of a temp the next time and I will be using the temp gun we have to check the external temps of the firebox and cooking box locations. Hindsight is always perfect don't you know.

If our firebox turns out to be too small then we will just fire the plasma cutter back up and lop it off there this fall and build a larger one like others on here have. Then just sandblast the whole thing again (cooker only) and repaint with the lower temp paint. Look for the data on the external temps to appear shortly. Dragging it home tonight and then will be tossing couple logs and charcoal into it tonight for a test run. I can't wait till the weekend. I still need to put our Menards special egg cooker together too.
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