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KCBS is one of many sanctioning bodies for the royal and jack. Some are taking a more proactive approach but it really should have been the 2 invitationals that tried to contact organizers. The real problem is with organizers that put a specific date including year in their proclamation. If it just says the contest name then it should be good forever. So date = problem created by organizers. The 7 day to send in paperwork change has nothing to do with sanctioning bodies.

It would have been nice for the KCBS to send an email to organizers telling them the invitationals were making a change. As I already said some sanctioning bodies are out front of this including telling winning teams and organizers about the one week rule as well as providing copies of a "valid" proclamation with the winners notification to the invitational.

Guess the invitationals thought it was getting too eBay to qualify.
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