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Default State Championship status

A thread was started in the competition area warning contest organizers to update their championship proclamations.
I'm concerned that, as an organizer, I had to read a message board to find out that our State Championship was no longer going to be honored by the American Royal, one of the two contests most organizers bother getting a proclamation for.
From the email I received from the Royal manager, it's not a change in their invite rules, but because of mis-information given out by KCBS that once a contest receives their proclamation, they are good to go forever.
The only real reason to obtain a State Championship proclamation is to be considered for an invite the the Royal and the Jack.
Now many contests listed as State Championships on the KCBS site will no longer be considered for an AR invite. I have not heard back from Jack Daniels yet to see if their policy is the same, but I believe a great dis-service has been done by the KCBS to it's membership and events.
Some sort of agreement should have been worked out to allow any contest the KCBS says is a State Championship to be grandfathered in for at least a year. Also some sort of message should have been communicated to sanctioned events to let them know their championship status is no longer valid.
An organizer should not have to watch a forum to find out their GC will no linger get an invite to the upper level championships.
I do realize that the KCBS does not control either the Royal or the Jack, but it certainly owes it's paying members and event something and negotiating with the events or at least notifying it's events of something like this is not beyond what would be expected from an organization.
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