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Default Guru/Stoker & Temp probe eyelet inquiry

Hi guys, looked through this thread since we built our 2 drums for Competitons.

But....I can't seem to find specific info. on how folks using their drum with a Guru. I'm an egghead, and understand how the guru works, but wasn't sure of the recommendations for using one with a drum. As we're using these for Competiton, we'd like to use a guru to help with peace of mind through the night (while also getting some sleep!). I also don't see anything specific on Guru's site, regarding a recommendation/adapter plate for use with a drum.

Lastly....any updated products that work well as 'eyelets' for inserting temp probes into the side of the drum? We're currently using the 12" turkey fryer temp probe...but would like to make things nicer for adding temp/food probes.

Thanks for any and all input!
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