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Originally Posted by sprinter View Post
I know there are a LOT of Southern IL BBQ teams that dont frequent the boards at all. From my standpoint there is a lot of communication between teams via email or phone call or text etc. I think that a presence at some of the contests announcing what you are trying to do and whats involved with the Association would be the way to go. I would make sure you have all of your ducks in a row as to what the membership includes, costs, benefits etc. are all lined out first, then just start hitting the contests and let people know about it. IMHO its going to take more than a month to get it going. This is the start of the cooking season and the start of summer and people just dont have the time that they do in the winter. I'm definitely interested. I was a member of the old ILBBQS and thought Jim did a pretty good job with it. Good luck and please keep me updated. If I can be of any assistance please let me know. I organized the Mt. Vernon, IL cook for about 6 years and have a lot of the Southern IL team contact information (for as current as it may be).

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Thanks Troy, I think your right. I was planning on hitting a lot of the contest since I judge anyway. I have contacted all of the organizer that held contest last year and got team contact information from three of them. So I do have a lot of contact information. I think I need to slow down a bit and try to get everything organized and then maybe this fall/winter try to have a organazational meeting at that time.
I'll be talking to youi guys this summer. If you have any questions or comment for me have them ready or just let me know now.
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