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somebody shut me the fark up.

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Originally Posted by Harbormaster View Post
Great documentary Wampus.

But you forgot something.

How the heck were they?
Yeah.....good question Clark.

Thing is, we weren't that impressed at dinner time. There were absolutely no comments of, "Oh, wow....this ham is incredible!" at all. I thought it was OK, but after quizzing folks after dinner, the consensus was that it was not that great. My BIL and SIL thought it tasted "off". Couldn't pin point what it was and the wife and kids also said they didn't care for the overall flavor either.


I just got done running the second (store bought) ham through the slicer after a few hours in the fridge and after sampling it, we all agree that IT is DARN TASTY! I prepared them the exact same way, so I have to assume that it was just the butcher prepared ham. Perhaps he did something when he smoked it that threw the flavor off. The meat was tender, it just had an odd flavor to it. At first we all assumed it was the injection, but I'm not sure.

Guess I'll have to do this one again on a store bought ham and see for sure!

I know that the glaze and marinade tasted pretty farkin amazing in the pot by themselves!
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