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Originally Posted by midnight
James, you mentioned using cheese cloth over the bird to keep it from getting too brown. Do you do anything with the bottom (back)of the bird? or do you not notice the dark color on the back? And do you lay the cheese cloth on the bird or acctualy wrap it around the bird?

Anyone,when you cook a bird for someone else, how do you recomend they reheat the thing? I know hot and fresh is best but I have alot of people that want one a day or two ahead of when they actualy plan on eating it.
As far as the cheese cloth, I just drape it over the top of the bird. The bottom does not see much smoke residue and does not need to be protected (at least on my pits)...

As far as re-heating, I just tell 'em that if they need to re-heat, to cover the bird with a bit of foil and heat in a slow oven until warm. This will dry the bird out a bit, but with the factory injected or self brined birds they still come out pretty good...

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