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Got another update for you guys. Had some rain today but we kept at it for a bit. Went ahead and did the first burn-out today too. Here we go:

The first couple of pictures are of the firebox door. I forgot to bring the spring handles for the dampers so those still need to go on..but we did get the door handle finished. The grip is a solid piece of steel..drilled a hole about 1.5" or so to fit over the round stock. The dampers are 3/16" tread plate.

This is an inside shot of the firebox with the fuel tray.

The next two shots show how we chose to place the damper on the smoke stack. We don't have the handle added to this yet, but it's coming soon also.

The next four shots are just general shots of the rig. We got the handles welded to the door today. The handles are made from 1.5" pipe with tread plate caps on the end. They feel awesome in the you're gripping something rather than pinching it.

The next shot is a rested hand on the firebox 1.5 hours into the hardcore burnout. I love that firebox. I think it will stay much cooler during a regular cook...might not even warm a beer resting on it...we'll see.

Haven't done a biscuit test yet but I did make sure that we had a couple firebox fire shots for you guys.

There you have it folks! More to come next week! I can't believe how far we've come... It was only February when we were looking at heaps of metal laying in a field... We are really enjoying the project. It's been a lot of fun so far.
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