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Originally Posted by Grizmt View Post
Nice rig!! One bit of info you might want to consider, it may apply to you if you cross state lines and/or within your particular state.

When coming back from Vegas last Sunday we got pulled over near Kingman AZ right past the scales by a AHP car. We then went through a level 3 inspection and were informed that A.We MUST get a DOT number to cross state lines. B. We MUST stop at all scales. C. We MUST have a current DOT medical card. D. We MUST carry and fill out a Log Book. E. We DO NOT need a commercial license, just the log book and med card.

It was then explained to us that if the trailer GVWR is over 10,000 Lbs AND you cross state lines this rule applies. If you stay within the state AND you're under 18,000 Lbs GVWR on both truck AND trailer you're fine. If the GVWR of the combined units are over 18k the DOT rules stated above apply. Thankfully there's no fine involved and no points (this time) BUT I've now got to confirm that our trailer GVWR is under 10k otherwise it's decision time.
Just a word to the wise so y'all don't get the late night on the way home unwanted stretch break we got.
I hear yea, I talked to the DOT already and that is not exactly what they told me. the 2 big numbers I was told is 1) truck GVWR over 10001Lbs requires DOT. This of course includes tongue wt which I wll be fine. Second is GCWR over 26K. I know each state is different and at least this summer I am staying close to home :)
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