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Originally Posted by rudy497 View Post
Y'all expertise needed. After many nights of reading this forum, I finally finished my mini uds. I fired it up to season it, but it's holding the temp at about 360. I have 3 3/4 intakes and 1 3/4 inches ball valve, i closed the ball valve and covered two of the intake holes and also almost closed the top holes on the weber lid, but it's still at 360. Any suggestions? I have two thermometers one at the grate level and one in the lid holes, both reading the same temp.
I would agree with the other poster and say too much fuel, but even so, after it burns for a while and settles in, it should come down in temp. If it is staying way up at 360 for more than 15 min or so, with the vents closed then I would say you have some air getting in somewhere. If I close all my vents and exhaust, my uds will drop 100 degrees in an hour or so.
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