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My trailer is here! Man she is awesome! I will take some pics tomorrow and share here! I am real pleased how it came out! I am so lucky it got here unharmed. Story...

I get a call from the guy pulling it from Indiana to iowa, he is already on the road. Here is how the conversation goes. Mind you the trailer weighs 11480 with a tongue wt of 1500

Ring ring
Me. QDogs
Hey This is mark I am pulling your trailer over today
Me cool what are you pullin it with
My sons dodge 2500
Me..really! Man that seems a bit much for that truck
Nah it is pulling real nice
Me...really good to know I haven't bought my new truck to pull it yet and I was going to get a dually.
I will let you know how it goes when I get there
Me..,if I could get buy with a 350 swr that would be cool
Alright see ya later

Fast forward 7 plus hours, note I just drove it Monday in just over 5

Me... You made it
Yep and buy a dually!

His truck smelled so freaking hot and was squatting a bit when he pulled up. After i initially talked with him and it sunk in what he was using to pull my lively hood and he was 2 hours late I was getting nervous. All and all it worked out but I am going to let the factory now they were at great risk as no ins company would have paid out if something would have happened. Not to mention me losing months of revenue.

Chalk that up to luck really. But my baby is home now!
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