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Default Offset vs. Reverse Offset Smokers…

I am a relative newbie to this forum so please help me out. I am looking at various offset and reverse flow offset smokers including Lang, Meadow Creek, Jambo...

I am particularly interested in what different manufacturers do to control airflow and hot spots. I have heard Lang sometimes puts and additional partial plate / baffle above the firebox to help dissipate excessive heat there. Can any Lang owners confirm this and whether this is standard or an option. I am particularly interested in the 60 and 84 models.

For both types of smokers, does the vent / smoke stack typically vent from the top of the cooking chamber or does it vent from somewhere just above the cooking surface (say 3-6-inches)? I have been looking at various vendors but I cannot find a good picture of the inside of the cooking chamber.

From the what I can see it looks like the smoke stack on a regular offset typically vents from just above or to the side of the cooking surface / grate, whereas on a reverse flow offset it looks like the smokestack vents from the top of the cooking chamber; although without seeing the inside this is impossible to confirm.

It seems to me that the higher the smoke stack opening inside the cooking chamber the better the draft but the more fuel it would consume. Is this something which is implemented differently on a regular offset vs. a reverse flow offset?

As usual, I look forward to ALL your feedback!
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