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Today we focused on doors and cooking surface. Short day but we did okay. It's looking more and more like a machine every weekend! I recently found out that we're going to be cooking 200+ lbs of meat on this bad boy in may, so we really have to knock this out as soon as possible..It won't likely be complete by then but it'll be ready to cook on for sure.

Here we go:

These first two shots are just quick looks at the walling. Stainless steel baby! Just's just plain ole' sheet metal. They aren't fastened yet but I figured I add them so you guys could see how high the storage will be and to give you a faint idea of what it's going to look like.

This is a shot of how we've decided to do our hinges..just a long piece of round stock with some small pipe cut and slid over the round stock. I think the round stock is 1/2 and the pipe is 5/8..don't quote me on that though..

We got the frames made for the cooking surface. Because the chamber bowed after we cut the doors, we had a little extra work..The doors presented a much bigger problem and still need a little more finessing.

The surface is made up of 4 of these pieces. About 27"x18" each.

The last few shots here are just showing you what the inside looks like with the cooking surface laid down. The last pic is a bit blurry but that's okay...

There you have it, folks! Movin' right along!
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