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Originally Posted by ThatsWhatSheSaidBBQ View Post
I hope you take it as a compliment when I copy your backlit stencil cut on those fenders for my next project (in the distant future) !

Every time I look at your build, I look at mine and think, "man I gotta do this, do that, do the other thing..." We're kinda settling in some areas to conserve cash and your build is makin' me feel bad about it!

My build is only solid until someone walks by yours and then all of the sudden I look amateur! Yep..I've decided..I think you're gonna need to stop updating us.. It's detrimental to my build!

For the 1,000th got a really pro build here. I can't wait to that bad boy(girl) in action!
Well I snagged the idea while walking around the local boat show, so I can't really take credit except for incorporating it into my smoker design. Enjoy!

I wouldn't worry about what yours vs. mine vs. anyone elses looks like. If you like it, then thats all that matters. If you see us cooking some place, be sure to stop by, pull up a chair and have a cold one with us. One of the great things the misses and I love about the car show hobby is how many great friends we have made over the years just by having something sitting out and folks stop by to talk and visit. Same goes for this hobby.

We have met a ton of wonderful people along the way and don't intend to stop now. Life is way too short. If I can help in any way with your build, let me know. All the best.
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