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Originally Posted by SmokinJon View Post
Triple T, I cannot say quite how much I have enjoyed reading your post with your attention to detail and all the posts and pics. It really makes it especially interesting for mere mortals like myself who may know how to weld but at nowhere near your level !

I cannot wait to see the it in daylight! I also look forward to seeing it perform.

Just out of interest how low does the smoke stack typically go in a reverse offset smoker? I am currently looking at a Lang and I did not realize the smoke stack went that low, anyone?

I really like your adjustable design!
Whoa there. First off thank you very much for the compliments. Please do keep in mind that there have been and are a number of very talented folks and friends also involved in all this. While a lot of the welding is mine, other major stuff was also handled by my
friend Jim, who is still to this day very camera shy. My friend Ray owns the plasma table and does a bunch of seriously cool stuff on his own too.

The overall design is months of researching other builds and a couple experiments I have conducted on my other smokers all being combined with the available stuff I could get my hands on for a reasonable price too.

As for the chimney/stack I wanted the nice Looking chrome stack we have all come to lust over from the jambo pits on tv. At the same time I wanted to experiment with a larger and more adjustable stack on this build. It may get changed again but I am pretty sure it will work like the smaller version I did before. Stale smoke and being able to raise it high enough off the rack is my only concern. Again, easily fixed with the plasma cutter too. I purposely left the design of the inner adjustable sleeve long. Just in case.

It's been a fun build and I am looking forward to lighting it off and seeing if the draw is as controlable as i want and the firebox is large enough that I don't end up staying up all night tossing splits into it. If not, then the plasma cutter will come back out and an upgraded firebox will go on it. We still have plenty of room on the back of the trailer yet. Also need to start the warmer box. It that's a phase II project.

Thanks again for the kinds words but I have to say I have been equally impressed with a number of the other builds on here and the net already. Hopefully this baby will cook for us. Thanks again and glad you and others are enjoying the build! It's fun to do.
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