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Originally Posted by Triple T BBQ View Post
We finished up the inner sleeve so now we can control how long the smoke stays in the upper part of the fire box. Its completely adjustable all the way down to cooking grates. The chrome stack will have a damper up high to help us control draw where needed. Pics coming for that a little later. Need to get this sucker off the to sandblaster.

Triple T, I cannot say quite how much I have enjoyed reading your post with your attention to detail and all the posts and pics. It really makes it especially interesting for mere mortals like myself who may know how to weld but at nowhere near your level !

I cannot wait to see the it in daylight! I also look forward to seeing it perform.

Just out of interest how low does the smoke stack typically go in a reverse offset smoker? I am currently looking at a Lang and I did not realize the smoke stack went that low, anyone?

I really like your adjustable design!
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