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Originally Posted by mjancel View Post
Someone ask me to come to there house and cook a pig they would provide
The pig. They wanted to know what I would charge. I have no clue
I was thinking
Towing cooker setup tear down 100

Wood. 100

My service 20$ per hour

Lang 84

Listen, I agree with the majority should control every aspect of what you will be cooking. If you're asked to do a whole pig, be there when it's picked up and make sure it's being stored properly.

Has this person ever done this before? Do they have a walk in cooler? Is it going to be picked up the day before the cook and kept on ice in a large enough cooler? Is the place it's being bought from a legitimate supply source that practoces safe handling of product? There are many questions that you need to know the answer to.

For you're expertise, I'd say $20 an hour may be just right, it may be a little light. That depends on what the surrounding market will support. In L.A. or NYC, $20 an hour would be serious low balling it...the midwest, probably a little high depending on where. It also depends on what your experience level is with a pig. If you're known for your abilitlies, $20 an hour may be reasonable. Like I said, a lot of factors to consider.

If they are set on supplying it, and IF you feel confident in it's storage and safe handling, I would charge between $400 and $500 just for my services. But that would include those other costs you mentioned. But every thing would be supplied by them. Plates, drinks, on and so forth.
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