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Previous LNS kettle setup, using a Smokenator and the extra shelf.

Nowadays I just use two firebrick splits to block off 3-4" from one side of the kettle, and fill the narrow . I wrap the charcoal grate with HD foil and put a foil pan on the bottom rack to catch drippings. I light the coals with the Minion method, using 6-10 lit briquettes placed at one end to get the fire going. I place 3-4 chunks of hickory, pecan, apple or cherry wood in the coals as I add them. The smoke wood changes based on what I am cooking on the kettle.

Here's a good pic of the setup I used for some ribs on one of my early cooks. I was using two paving bricks wrapped in foil, but I have started using fire brick splits because they handle heat better and they reach all the way across the kettle. Yeah, it looks like there's too much smoke wood in the charcoal, but what I had was very dry and burned up quickly with little smoke. I now bury the wood chunks in the coals instead of placing on top. Things you learn as you cook more.

Notice the foil pans to catch drips. Not a big fan of flare ups on subsequent cooks.
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