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Originally Posted by ThatsWhatSheSaidBBQ View Post
Thank you. You know what, that is a legitimate concern. The frame is super tough. As long as the axles don't give out, we should be good. What exactly did you have in mind, though?
Just some fresh tires and rims my friend. Those old ones look a little tired and you seem to be missing one. I could be wrong though.

Originally Posted by ThatsWhatSheSaidBBQ View Post
Made the elbow for the stack out of some leftover tread plate. It measures 9"x9" on both ends. the stack is 6" in diameter and 36" tall...stainless steel.

Again, I know we talked about this, but make sure you make your stack removable if you want to store this sucker inside a storage unit or garage with a normal height door. Being able to slip the stack off for towing (less drag) and not hitting the header on the garage door will keep you off youtube and your family members won't be making 5k off you on america's funniest videos or showing up on Tosh 2.0, etc.

It looks great and I really like how the firebox came out here. Having studied the Jambo's as well, I think you have it nailed. Its gonna cook great. Get yourself some cheap biscuits and start testing the temps on that sucker. Be sure to shoot some pictures at night with the firebox lit up. It will look great!!
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