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Originally Posted by Triple T BBQ View Post
TWSSB, it looks great. We need to get you some rolling stock underneath her though. You don't want to be stuck on the side of the road this summer with this rig! I am guessing you are going to be pushing 2400lbs right now. Interesting to see how the weight comes out. I wish I could have found a dual axle bunk like you scored there. Its really coming out nice!!
Thank you. You know what, that is a legitimate concern. The frame is super tough. As long as the axles don't give out, we should be good. What exactly did you have in mind, though?

Originally Posted by Phrasty View Post
Looks great brother. I'm curious as well to see how that firebox exit performs being so high. Never seen or used a jambo so I'm in the dark on this one. Off the top of my head it seems that the top racks would end up being a lot hotter than the bottom racks. Well more so than normal I guess. Quite interested in this design. Great build so far. That firebox design is intense!!!

Thank you, thank you. If things work out as I think they will, we should be good. You're absolutely right about the top rack. It will get waaay hotter than the main level. At first, we weren't going to add a second rack. We decided we would add the upper level for chicken or just higher heat cooking in general. Once we get far enough along, we're going to fill the entire main level with biscuits and see if we get an even golden brown all the way across.

Brought the wife out with me today...When her and my stepmother get together, they make a pretty nasty team. We had a few distractions so we didn't get as far as we wanted, but I'll always make sure we have something to feed you guys! One thing is for certain; when we are finished, you will have seen every single step along the way! Here we go:

FB door isn't finished, but I wanted to show you what we're doin' here. All we have to do is cut the vents on the door and add some handles..

Made the elbow for the stack out of some leftover tread plate. It measures 9"x9" on both ends. the stack is 6" in diameter and 36" tall...stainless steel.

Here are a couple shots from the inside..

We started on the framework for the storage/utility spaces.

We scored the square pipe to get a good bend around the corner. This will make it look much better when we put the skirts on.

This is just a random shot...

Didn't get the doors done like we wanted to..I's a let down.. When we cut the doors, pressure was released and the arc got we have to find a way to bend it back without jackin' it up..

Once again, I'll make sure we always have something to share. I like to keep you all updated !
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